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Martin Trailer Company is a second generation family business focussed on the design, manufacturing and marketing of heavy duty commercial trailers and related equipment.


Since 1984, the company has grown from supplying the African market predominantly to growing an export division that services over 30 countries, making it one of the leaders in heavy haulage trailer manufacturing around the globe. This success is attributed to providing the highest technical specifications, competitive commercial offerings and excellent aftersales service. 

The organisation has one of the largest design departments in the heavy haulage trailer industry with highly sophisticated manufacturing methods, ensuring equipment is built to last and meet the highest quality standards. 

Martin Trailer Company has set numerous bench marks internationally including its diverse range of mining trailers, heavy haulage road going trailers as well as low maintenance undercarriages. The organisation has a reputation in the market for durability, reliability, quality, high payloads and a sustained product life.

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